Lecture schedule

Sessions 1 and 2 will run in parallel within the same time slot.
Participants can choose either topic to attend.
Sept. 12
Sept. 13
Setp. 14
Sept. 15
Sept. 16
Sept. 17
Time Slot 1: 6am-9am (JST, Japan), 11pm-2am (CEST, Paris), 5pm-8pm (EDT, Boston), 2pm-5pm (PDT, Los Angeles)
The time notations in blue represents the previous dates (e.g., Lecture 2a starts at 11pm, Sep. 12 in CEST).
Session 1Lecture 2a
Lecture 2b
(PIC: Omura(Kyoto))
Poster session 2
Lecture 4a
(Hybrid: Adam Stanier (LANL)
Lecture 4b
(Hybrid: Adam Stanier (LANL)
Session 2(No lecture)(No lecture)Lecture 8
(Delta-f: Sydora)
(No lecture)
Ceremony(9am-) Closing
Time Slot 2: 9pm-0am (JST, Japan), 2pm-5pm (CEST, Paris), 8am-11am (EDT, Boston), 5am-8am (PDT, Los Angeles)
Ceremony (9pm-) Opening
- Prof. Hiroshi Matsumoto
- Prof. Bertrand Lembege
Session 1(9:30pm-)
Lecture 1a
(MHD: Zenitani (Kobe))
Lecture 1b
(MHD:Zenitani (Kobe))
Poster session 1 (Europe)Lecture 3a
(Vlasov: Urs Ganse (Helsinki))
Lecture 3b
(Vlasov: Urs Ganse (Helsinki))
Session 2(9:30pm-)
Lecture 5
(Test particle:
Patricio Munoz )
Lecture 6
(Interlock: Stefano Markidis)
Lecture 7
(Implicit PIC : Maria Elena Innocenti)
Lecture 9
(GyroKinetic: Frank Jenko)