Outline of the school/poster session

The Web Program of the ISSS-14 has been released.

Zoom URLs and other materials for each lecture are available in the web site.
(Only registered participants can access the page. For login information, refer to an email invitation with
the subject
“[ISSS-14] Login information for web program including Zoom URLs”.)

Simulation lectures

ISSS-14 consists of two sections, the school, and the poster session. The followings are an overview of each section and the topics to be covered.

Date and time:
Poster session 1: 21:00-24:00 (JST), September 14 (Core time is 22:30-24:00)
Poster session 2: 6:00-9:00 (JST), September 15 (Core time is 7:30-9:00)

Format of poster paper:
Single-sheet PDF or JPEG file of A0 format

Session style:
We will use Remo ( which is a virtual interactive presentation system. We will soon post the brief instruction on Remo on our webpage.
All posters may be displayed and presented throughout both sessions, but the core time for each presentation is assigned to one of the sessions. A list of core time assignment for each presentation will be announced shortly. The poster presenters can put their materials on the whiteboard in the Remo room at the beginning of the session.

The first half of the session will allow the participants to browse the poster papers. During this time, the participants can get used to the operation of Remo. The second half of the session is devoted to the core time when the participants can discuss with the poster presenters.

The Remo channel will remain open during the time between the two sessions.
So the participants can freely enter Remo and browse the poster papers.

During the school, lectures on essential simulation techniques are given online over 4 days of the five-day period. Leading experts in the field will be in charge of each class, and for some classes, hands-on simulation exercises will also be included. The lectures plan to cover the following topics. Participants can choose any of these topics to attend.

  • MHD simulation
  • Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation (explicit / implicit)
  • Hybrid particle simulation
  • Vlasov simulation
  • Test particle simulation
  • Guiding center gyro-kinetic simulation
  • Delta-f simulation
  • Interlock simulation

List of lectures

Lecture subjectsLecturers Country
Lecture 1: MHDSeiji ZenitaniJapan
Lecture 2: Explicit PICYoshiharu Omura Japan
Lecture 3: Vlasov Urs Ganse Finland
Lecture 4: HybridAdam Stanier USA
Lecture 5: Test particle Patricio Munoz Germany
Lecture 6: Interlock Stefano Markidis Sweden
Lecture 7: Implicit PICMaria Elena Innocenti Germany
Lecture 8: Delta-fRichard Sydora Canada
Lecture 9: Gyro kineticFrank Jenko Germany

Lecture schedule

Sessions 1 and 2 will run in parallel within the same time slot.
Participants can choose either topic to attend.
Sept. 12
Sept. 13
Setp. 14
Sept. 15
Sept. 16
Sept. 17
Time Slot 1: 6am-9am (JST, Japan), 11pm-2am (CEST, Paris), 5pm-8pm (EDT, Boston), 2pm-5pm (PDT, Los Angeles)
The time notations in blue represents the previous dates (e.g., Lecture 2a starts at 11pm, Sep. 12 in CEST).
Session 1Lecture 2a
Lecture 2b
(PIC: Omura(Kyoto))
Poster session 2
Lecture 4a
(Hybrid: Adam Stanier (LANL)
Lecture 4b
(Hybrid: Adam Stanier (LANL)
Session 2(No lecture)(No lecture)Lecture 8
(Delta-f: Sydora)
(No lecture)
Ceremony(9am-) Closing
Time Slot 2: 9pm-0am (JST, Japan), 2pm-5pm (CEST, Paris), 8am-11am (EDT, Boston), 5am-8am (PDT, Los Angeles)
Ceremony (9pm-) Opening
- Prof. Hiroshi Matsumoto
- Prof. Bertrand Lembege
Session 1(9:30pm-)
Lecture 1a
(MHD: Zenitani (Kobe))
Lecture 1b
(MHD:Zenitani (Kobe))
Poster session 1 (Europe)Lecture 3a
(Vlasov: Urs Ganse (Helsinki))
Lecture 3b
(Vlasov: Urs Ganse (Helsinki))
Session 2(9:30pm-)
Lecture 5
(Test particle:
Patricio Munoz )
Lecture 6
(Interlock: Stefano Markidis)
Lecture 7
(Implicit PIC : Maria Elena Innocenti)
Lecture 9
(GyroKinetic: Frank Jenko)