Outline of the schoole/conference

Outline of the schedule

ISSS-14 consists of two sections, the school, and the symposium. The followings are the topics to be covered in each section.

 Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation
 Hybrid particle simulation
 Test particle simulation
 Vlasov simulation
 Guiding center gyro-kinetic simulation
 Code parallelization
 Advanced simulation

Solar Physics
 Heliospheric Physics
 Inner Magnetosphere
 Magnetic Reconnection
 M-I Coupling
 Planets & Moon Environment
 Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interactions
 Shocks & Boundaries

ISSS Prize for Students

As established since ISSS-9 (in 2009, Guyancourt, France), “ISSS Prizes” will be defined by a jury to award the best students and young fellows posters. All participants are kindly encouraged to participate in the competition. Selection criteria will be provided on the Website.


Financial support

Partial financial support will be provided for a limited number of students and young scientists, and its application procedure is to be announced.